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Recently, ASAP Serve has contracted with a Mesa, AZ battered woman’s shelter to accept up to 4 serves monthly for indigent women whose lives have been threatened and need an Order of Protection against an abusive spouse. While recognizing we are only getting one side of a story, we strive to remain a “disinterested third party”. This can be a challanging position given the alledged abuse these women have endured. While serving my 1st paper
Anyone who has ever received a subpoena, summon, or any other legal documents is familiar with process servers. They are the people entrusted with the job of delivering the legal documents to different parties involved in the case. Throughout the state of Arizona, the parties involved in a legal procedure are prohibited from delivering these documents on their own. This is why efficient Gilbert process servers are highly sought after. The job of a process
Qualities to look for in Chandler process servers
You have surely come across many Chandler process servers in case you are considering hiring one of them. There is no denying the fact that there are many efficient process servers in the city. However, unfortunately, there are some process servers in this region who lack the necessary knowledge and skill to help you with the delivery of your important legal documents. You can not really afford to rely on a wrong person with materials
Things you must know before hiring process servers
Are you looking for reputed Glendale process servers for any of your personal or business requirements? There are plenty of experienced and highly qualified process servers throughout the state. However, it is always handy to have some basic information before you start your search. Let us first find out what service of process is all about. As per the legal procedure in America, all parties are required to be notified when they face any type
Ways to choose your Tempe process servers correctly

Ways to Choose Your Tempe Process Servers Correctly

Posted by admin on  July 3, 2012
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You are most likely to require the service of quality Tempe process servers if you are involved in a legal case that requires delivery of important documents or summons. In spite of the presence of many process servers in Tempe, it is not very easy to choose the best option for the job. Do not choose your process server in haste because there are many essential qualities that need to be checked while making a