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Why do we need to hire Phoenix process servers

Why Do We Need to Hire Phoenix Process Servers?

Posted by admin on  July 3, 2012
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Process servers are commonly referred to as legal professionals who deliver different legal documents. However, highly proficient Phoenix process servers can offer you a much broader spectrum of service. Every individual may need to hire a process server at some point of time. Experienced process servers in Phoenix can efficiently handle duties like delivery of divorce related papers, taking their clients to courts, acting as apprentice for trials, or eviction of rental properties. However, you

You Get What You Pay For…

Posted by admin on  July 28, 2011
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Quite often, I am called to “fix” the mistakes of other process servers in Tempe, Arizona. Most of these “fixes” are for the so-called discount Arizona process servers out there. I’m not going to name any names, but if the agency states “WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD”, what that really means they will quote you 1 price, but if someone else has quoted another price, then they will match. BE CAREFUL, some of the pitfalls
Process server ethics: things to watch out for

Process Server Ethics: Things to Watch Out For

Posted by admin on  February 24, 2011
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I have been in the Mesa Process Server Industry long enough to see and hear of some downright abysmal scruples concerning process servers. For the client, this can make for a difficult time in finding a process server who can get the job done correctly and justly the first time through. Some of the worst breaches in ethics that I have personally become aware of follow below, with the caution to always look into the
Crazy service of process

Crazy Service of Process

Posted by admin on  February 12, 2011
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Category: Crazy Stories
I’m sure all of you out there have had a situation where things don’t quite go to plan, but in the Mesa process serving industry, you have the added bonus of working with people who generally are not all that pleased to see you. Recently, I had just one of these situations myself. It was already beginning to get dark when I rang the doorbell on the Mesa property. A man answered, and as I