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As a landlord, you are going to encounter a problem tenant or two in your time. Eventually, you may even have a tenant you have to evict because of unpaid rent, damage to the property, or some other violation.

Unfortunately, evicting someone is not as easy as telling them that they must leave. You have to follow a specific process for a legal eviction, and that starts with serving notice of eviction proceedings. Hiring a professional process server in Gilbert can make this process much easier and more efficient for you. Here are just a few ways that process servers can help if you must evict a tenant:

Process Servers and How You Can Use Them to Serve Eviction Notices

Ensure Proper Service

Proper process of service is required to start most legal proceedings. If any mistake is made during this process, it could delay or jeopardize the proceedings. If you try to serve the papers yourself, there is a good chance you will make a mistake since you are not a legal expert or professional. However, if you have a Glendale process serving company for this task, you can ensure that it will be completed properly and that your case will not be delayed.

Provide Proof of Service

You may have properly performed proof of service, or you may have gotten someone else to do it, and all rules were followed. But what if the tenant claims they weren’t? Or what if the tenant says they were never served at all? What proof do you have?

When you hire a professional process serving company near Tucson, you get that proof. You get evidence that will stand up in court that the tenant was served, so you don’t have to worry about your case being derailed.

Move the Case Forward Quickly

By the time you move to evict someone, you have probably dealt with a lot of problems with that tenant for a long time. You may have dealt with broken promises, poor behavior, or even damage to the property. When you finally file to evict the tenant, you likely just want to get the situation over with as quickly as possible.

Hiring a professional Queen Creek process server company to perform process of service ensures that the tenant is served quickly so that the case can move forward in a timely manner. You don’t have to wait another month or longer because someone took too long to serve the papers or because some mistake was made. You can get the resolution you need quickly.

Save Money

In the case of an eviction, time is money. By the time you are taking action to evict a tenant, you have likely not received rent for a month or even many months. You’ve already lost a lot of money, and you are continuing to lose money every day that the tenant remains and you aren’t able to rent the property to someone else.

By hiring a professional court process server near Chandler, you ensure that the matter is dealt with quickly so that the case can move forward without delay. You can get to the point where you are able to rent the property anew much sooner, helping you to save money.

Every part of the legal process can have a big impact on the resolution of your case – even the smallest details matter. Make sure you build a strong case for your eviction right from the beginning by hiring a professional court process server in Phoenix to notify your tenant. Research providers in your area to make sure you are hiring a company with a history of good service and reliable results.

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