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What happens when a process server cannot find the person being served? That depends on who your process server is. Not every process server has the knowledge and skills necessary to find the party to be served. ASAP Serve uses skiptracing to track down those being served in a timely and efficient manner. Skiptracing is a way to locate people who have “skipped town” (hence the name). Sometimes people may be missing inadvertently or may
It is important to make sure that papers are served legally. If something is done incorrectly the entire case may be thrown out of court. Rule 4(d) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure states that no one connected with the case can legally act as a process server. That rules out any attorneys and their employees who are attached to the case. No one under the age of 21 can be a process server
The job of a process server is, at least on the surface, quite simple: to present to those involved in a legal preceding the documents that the court requires be delivered. Process serving is a fundamental part of the American legal system. By ensuring the delivery of summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents the process server acts as a critical component in the Due Process of Law. By confirming the secure delivery of these documents
Understand, you can get 2 of 3 things, but never all three from your process server company. What things are most important to you? 1) Lowest price 2) Best service 3) Quality product If #1 was your answer, do you have a reasonable expection of getting #s 2 and 3?
FORT MYERS SHORES, Fla. – A process server found herself looking down the wrong end of a gun in Fort Myers Shores on Tuesday. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 61-year-old David Gould after he allegedly threatened the process server outside his home in the 13000 of Caribbean Blvd. The server had gone to Gould’s front door. He told her to leave or he was going to call the law. She returned to her vehicle and