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Most people know that process servers deliver papers for court cases, but they may not realize all of the different types of legal documents that can be served. Arizona process servers, including those at ASAP Serve, can promptly and legally serve many types of legal documents.

When a process server delivers official court documents telling a person to appear in court at a certain date and time, the documents are sometimes referred to as “process.” The documents that are in the process may include:

  • Writs: A writ is simply the name given to an order given, in writing, by a court.
  • Subpoenas: A subpoena is a type of writ (court order) which is used to let a person know that they are supposed to testify before a court.
  • Complaints: A complaint is a legal document that explains why a person is being sued, what the specific claim is, and any other important details of a case.
  • Summonses: A summons is the actual order given to appear in court.

In addition to serving these papers, the following can also be served: Civil summons, civil complaint, forcible detainer action, eviction, garnishments, orders of protection, injunctions prohibiting harassment, petitions for supplemental proceedings, child support, divorce papers, and collection letters. A process server can also file papers with a court for you. They often provide document retrieval services. Because they sometimes need to track down people who do not want to be found, process servers have good investigative skills. They can provide investigative services such as stakeouts, surveillance, and skip tracing (please read our blog post on skip tracing for more information).

If you are in Arizona, and need any of the above documents served or services performed, stop in at our location in Chandler. If you prefer, you can contact us by phone at 480-821-1552 or via email at [email protected].