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Serving Greater Phoenix Arizona Family Court Papers

AZ Family Courts and Legal Information

Child Support Modification in Arizona

Most child support orders are fair and reasonable when they are entered; however, these orders do not always keep up with the changes in people’s lives. The process of updating or changing a child support order is called a modification in the family court system of Phoenix.

Family Court Process

Only the AZ family court can legally modify or change the child support amount. However, parents are free to agree to a change in the child support amount with the court’s approval based on certain conditions. Court services are available in some counties to assist in reaching agreements about changing the child support amount. Because agreements between parents leave fewer issues for the court to decide, the result often is more satisfying to the people involved, and may speed the process of concluding the court case in Phoenix. Family court will conduct a hearing to assess if the change/modification is warranted when the parents do not agree.

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ASAP Serve, LLC can serve child support papers on the former spouse or other parent of the child/children whose child support needs modification when parties do not agree. This is necessary to begin family court proceedings. Click on link for simplified form:

You Don’t Have to Endure Family Court Arrangements that No Longer Serve the Needs of the Family

Some of the factors the AZ family court will consider to change or modify child support are:

  • A raise or cut in the salary or other regular income of either parent
  • A change in the custody of a child
  • Addition of health insurance or a change in the availability of health insurance coverage
  • Obligation of either parent to support other children
  • Additional unexpected medical or educational expenses
  • Additional expenses for special needs of gifted or handicapped children
  • Additional expenses for your Phoenix family court-ordered supervised visitation or supervised exchanges
  • Increased cost in caring for the children

Divorce in Arizona

When it comes to divorce in family court, Arizona law typically refers to the procedure as the “dissolution of marriage.” The ground for divorce in Arizona is “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage. In order to file for divorce, at least one of the parties must have been a resident of Arizona for at least the 90 days prior to filing. A divorce can not be finalized in your local Phoenix family court until at least 60 days have passed after the other spouse has been served with the divorce documents. Other statutory requirements may need to be met if minor children are involved.

Our Services can Significantly Speed Up this Stressful Course of Events

There are many self-help sites to help you obtain your divorce. When both parties are not accommodating, legal papers must be served and ASAP Serve can do this for you fast, reliably, and economically. To review divorce statutes in family court, Arizona residents should click the link below.

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