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Chandler Arizona Process Servers

Service of Process in Chandler, AZ

Chandler, Arizona is home to nearly a quarter of a million people. It lies within Maricopa County and is considered a suburb to the city of Phoenix (Get more information on Phoenix service of process). Most of the thousands of court cases that come through Chandler courts every year require the use of a legally registered process server.

Chandler Process Server Near Me

Chandler Process Server Near Me

When you need a process server near you, the professionals at ASAP Serve are fast, reliable, and efficient at getting your documents delivered on time.

Learn more about our divorce and family law process serving options in Chandler

Chandler Divorce & Family Law Serving

To have your family law and divorce papers served or retrieved in Chandler, trust the family law servers at ASAP Serve with your time sensitive papers.

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Chandler Service of Process For Attorneys

For document retrieval, court filings, service of process, photocopying and more in Chandler, contact ASAP Serve. Where our process servers are qualified and trustworthy.

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Other Chandler Legal Documents We Serve

ASAP Serve can help serve a variety of documents including wage garnishments, orders of protection, injunctions against harassment, and more to the entire Chandler area!

Local Chandler Process Servers

To get your case started right, you need a fast, efficient service of process. Only a process server that understands the local laws and is familiar with the area can ensure that the job will be done right (See our blog post on why to hire a local process server). ASAP Serve is the best choice for Chandler process servers. We have first hand knowledge of the area. In fact, we are located right here in Chandler. Don’t jeopardize the success of your case by hiring a discount process server who may not know all of the local laws regarding service of process. One wrong could cause a major setback for your case. It may even result in increased court costs because of the delay.

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Contact ASAP Serve BY phone at (480) 821-1552 or by filling out our contact form to discuss your particular needs.

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Fill out our service request form and attach the appropriate documents to get your legal documents served.

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Submit payment online via PayPal, check, mail with the documents for service, or other method of payment.

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Chandler Court Documents

We are capable of handling many court documents such as writs, subpoenas, complaints, summonses, and more. We will serve these papers either the day that we receive them or the very next day. You will be notified the day a service of process occurs.

Costs and Services

Our costs are stated up front. You won’t have to worry about being surprised by extra fees. Mileage is charged at a flat rate, and documents that are mailed or faxed to us are received for free. Printing for the first 25 pages of legal documents is completely free of charge and only 20 cents per page after that.

There is no need to worry about your papers being successfully served. If the person to be served is not at their listed location, we have techniques to find them. Our professional skiptracing and stakeout services will ensure that your papers get served.

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