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Our affiliates at have begun an effort to help reduce the number of assaults on process servers. The campaign is titled Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers (PAAPRS). The official page offers a wealth of resources for process servers to protect themselves and help others. We will offer a brief summary of the campaign and encourage you to find out more.

As everyone in the service of process industry knows, this is a dangerous business. Just last year we reported on a story of a process server being threatened by a man with rifle and we also related a story of a very tense and potentially dangerous service of process that occurred right here in Phoenix. You can find more stories like this online if you specifically search for them, but too often these occurrences do not get media attention. That is where the PAAPRS comes in.

The PAAPRS initiative’s goal is to raise awareness of violence against process servers by a variety of means. Process servers who have been victims of assault can report the incidences, which will be shown on an interactive map. It is a powerful visual reminder of just how widespread violence against process servers really is today. The PAAPRS site also offers plenty of article, video, quizzes and other media to help process servers to reduced their chance of being attacked. There are also links to legal resources detailing what steps, if any, your state is taking to protect process servers. Our own state of Arizona, for instance, has proposed legislation that would make what would normally be considered a misdemeanor assault to be a felony if the victim is in engaged in process serving. The PAAPRS is encouraging supporters to post a badge, like the one below, on their site. There are several different designs to choose from. Please show your support for stopping violence against process servers, an important part of our legal system.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out ASAP for all your Arizona process serving needs.
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