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If you have a legal document that needs served in Arizona, you may be wondering if you have to hire a process server. In Arizona, the answer is most likely yes. There are alternatives to a process server. A sheriff could serve legal documents, but that may not always be the best choice (See our blog post on sheriff vs. process server for more information). It is certainly not something that you could do yourself, because an Arizona process server must be licensed.

Benefits of Hiring a Process Server

When you do use a licensed process server, they should be familiar with all the laws and regulations concerning serving legal documents. They will also make use of the latest technology available to locate people (for more information see our blog post on skiptracing or social media). Both legal knowledge and use of technology mean that your papers will be served quickly and correctly.

Risks of a Bad Service of Process

The importance of hiring a licensed process server becomes even more apparent when the results of a bad serve are considered. It may be difficult to find the person who needs to have papers served to them. In legal proceedings, delays can be costly. Even if the person to be served is found promptly, everything needs to be handled according the law. If anything is done incorrectly during the service of process, it could have a negative impact on the success of the legal case. Better to spend a few extra dollars to hire an experienced process server, than to risk losing a case on a technicality.

At ASAP Serve, all our servers are licensed to serve anywhere in Arizona. With locations in both Gilbert and Chandler, as well as online forms and PayPal payments, it has never been easier to hire an Arizona process server.