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Levels of Service


Your papers will be out for service within 3 days, guaranteed. If other attempts are needed, these attempts will occur in 2 to 3 day increments. Most of our clients choose this option, as papers are almost always out faster.


Your legal documents are out for service SAME DAY! Above levels of service are predicated on ASAP receipt of papers and payment by noon, otherwise 1 day could be added. In order to accurately quote your service of process needs, several factors apply. The type of papers, the area you need service in, what level of service is needed. Contact an ASAP Serve, LLC representative for a quote for your particular needs.

EVICTIONS – Attorneys, Property Managers and Property Owners, please note:

We serve eviction related papers at a volume discount.  If you are an attorney, property manager or property owner with multiple eviction matters and need your 5-Day Notices or other legal process (Forcible or Special Detainers) served, please call for special rates. Arizona provides a rather simple method of serving eviction documents and we will be happy to discuss special volume rates with you.

Let ASAP Serve, LLC serve your eviction papers. The fee for all Maricopa County Justice Court eviction papers would be $82.16.
When you file your papers at the court, make sure the clerk gives you at least 6-7 days until the court date, and then call us promptly. Call for pricing in Pinal and Pima counties. Here is a link… (520) 448 4929

COURT FILINGS – Many factors can influence pricing, please call the office for a competitive quote.

SKIP TRACE – Skip tracing is the art of finding people. We charge $175 and Susie Baldwin, our staff Private Investigator finds the person/people you need served. This is accomplished by using proprietary databases that the public doesn’t have access to, social media, and DMV records. We also reach out to the Post Office to see if there are any forwarding addresses.

PHOTO COPYING/SCANNING – Call for a competitive quote for your copying and scanning needs.

STAKE-OUTS – ASAP Serve charges $100.00 with a two hour minimum to stake out subjects for service of legal process reasons.