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Fraudulent Process Servers and the Dangers they Pose

No one wants to get served with a lawsuit or some other legal action. Many people know that they have to be served before the case against them can proceed, and many people take advantage of that information and try to avoid service (in the mistaken belief that they will indefinitely delay action against them). Because it can be so difficult to serve people the proper legal paperwork for a case, an industry has popped up to provide fast and efficient process of service.

Where there is money, there are scammers trying to get it in anyway they can, and that includes the process serving industry. Many people pose as process servers just to try to take money from the unsuspecting. Others are legitimate process servers in Mesa, but they take advantage of their positions to scam money out of people, or they behave inappropriately to get better results for their process serving companies.

The best thing you can do is to educate yourself about fraudulent process servers and the dangers they pose so that you can protect yourself. Here’s what you need to know:

Process Server

Unethical Tactics

There are a lot of things that an unethical process server (or a person posing as one) may do. Knowing about these tactics can help you identify them if you encounter them. Some of the unethical tactics you might encounter include:

  • The process server attempting to negotiate your debt and collect the money
  • The process server claiming to make your case “go away” if you provide payment
  • The process server making harassing phone calls or threatening you
  • Process servers, just like debt collectors, must abide by certain rules. They cannot call you at all hours of the night, and they cannot threaten to harm you, to expose you, to have you arrested, or to hurt you in some other way. The only thing a process server can legally do is hand you a legal notice of action being taken against you, such as a subpoena, a notice of a lawsuit, or some other document. And they can’t break the law to do those things.

    Steps You Can Take

    You don’t have to endure harassment from an unethical process server, nor do you need to stand idly by while they attempt to scam you. Here are a few things you can do if you are faced with this unethical behavior:

  • Do not ever pay the person any money. No process server can collect money on your behalf or do anything with your case other than deliver your documents.
  • Tell the person you will call the police and file a report about their unethical behavior. Then follow through and do that.
  • Tell the person you will report them to local consumer fraud bureaus. Then follow up by making the report and providing identifying information.
  • Many times, simply letting the person know that you recognize their behavior as unethical is enough to empower you and to make the person back off. Knowing your rights and making others aware that you know your rights can protect you from abusive and unethical behavior.

    When you hire a process server for your individual case or on behalf of your firm or other agency, you should do your research to make sure you are hiring a reputable process server with the appropriate credentials. Spend time finding out what others have to say about the person or the company to know what kind of service you can expect. If the person or company has a reputation for unethical behavior, you will learn about it quickly.

    ASAP Serve in Mesa has a reputation as one of the top process serving companies in the area. All of our process servers are trained and experienced, and they behave to the highest professional and ethical standards. They will complete your process of service quickly and legally. We handle all types of cases, and we offer court document filing and a court research service. We can help expedite your case and ensure that you have the information you need. Fill out our form online to hire a child support process server, divorce process server, or other type of process server, or call us today. We offer service throughout the Mesa area.

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