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Mesa court process servers carry a unique responsibility. While many people probably think of movies and tv shows where someone brings an envelope to another character and claims, “You’ve been served!” and then walks away, is this actually an accurate depiction? Here are a few more details about the job a Mesa family law process server has and what their responsibilities are.
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There are essentially five main steps to the job of a Mesa child support process server. These steps are as follows:

1. A lawyer, private investigator, or legal services firm will find and hire a reliable Phoenix process server to carry and deliver legal documents to a certain person. These papers basically inform the person that legal action is being pursued against them, and they must contact their personal lawyer for guidance.

2. Mesa process serving companies are a critical part in the legal process. A person being sued only knows to show up in court if Mesa court document delivery has been performed to completion. If the papers are not delivered, the person will not show up to court and could have further legal action against them, completely unbeknownst to them. This could cause a delay of trial, excessively high legal fees, or even result in the case being completely thrown out by the judge.

3. Mesa prison process servers do not always have it so easy though. They carry the weight of responsibility to find the necessary person, which can sometimes take quite a bit of detective work. This is especially true if the person knows they are in trouble and are making an effort to avoid being found by the Mesa divorce process server.

4. Once the Mesa attorney process server has found the correct person, there are actually a few legal requirements the server must follow when serving the court documents to them.

a)The documents must be served by the Mesa child support process server in a public place.
b)The person receiving the documents must verbally affirm and say that they are the individual written in the legal documents.
c)Lastly, the receiving person must sign for the court papers from the Mesa subpoena process server.
If these steps are not followed appropriately, the process is not completed and the process server must try again at another time.

5.Mesa child custody process servers sometimes work odd hours in an effort to connect the person they are trying to reach. They could be required to work at any hour of the day, and must sometimes travel in order to find the right person. They must also be on guard, as the person being served could be quite frustrated with being found, and could take that frustration out on the Mesa process server near you.

While process servers have an intriguing job, it can also be quite challenging and difficult at times. They have a critical role in ensuring that the whole legal process and Mesa court filing service runs smoothly and efficiently. If you need to pursue legal action against someone and need documents served, contact ASAP Serve, LLC right away. Our streamlined process helps makes the process as simple and efficient as possible, and we always keep our clients aware of the status of their serve. Order your service online or call our office today at (480) 821-1552!

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