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What Happens If You Avoid Being Served Court Papers?

If you are wanting to sue someone, begin the divorce process, change or obtain child support, or start many other legal processes, you may need to begin that process by having legal papers served to the person you are suing. You’ll need to hire a Mesa process server to track down the person and serve them the court papers in a legal way. This will include contacting the person face to face, giving them the court documents, and notarizing an Affidavit of Service verifying that they have received the paperwork.

Unfortunately, sometimes people know that or suspect that papers are going to be served to them, so they may work hard to avoid the process server in hopes that if they cannot be properly served, the court case won’t go anywhere. However, this is simply not true. You can still be sued or brought to court even if you intentionally avoid contact with Mesa process serving companies. This article will explain more about the entire paper serving process and what can happen to your court case if you try to dodge a process server.

What Happens If You Avoid Being Served Court Papers In Mesa, AZ?

What Is Process Serving?

During legal proceedings, there are many court documents that need to be delivered to people involved with the case. This happens in cases that take place both in and out of court. Usually, people work the best when they can focus on their most important job. In this case, it’s most efficient and effective for an attorney to focus on preparing their case, rather than also having to do the work of tracking down people and legally serving them the papers. It’s also more cost effective for the person who is suing. This is where Mesa court filing service steps in. Their job is to find people, give them the legal documents, and verify through a signature and notarization that they have been received. This helps the court process go more smoothly and frees up attorneys and other people involved in the legal process.

What Happens Next If Someone Avoids a Process Server?

If you suspect that you are going to be sued and go out of your way to dodge contact with a Mesa process server, the process of suing you does become a little more difficult overall. But it does not mean that the court case cannot proceed or that you will not be sued. If the process server working on behalf of the person trying to sue you cannot make contact, and the person bringing legal action against you can prove to a judge that they have made reasonable and unsuccessful attempts to serve you, the judge may give them some additional options to get you the paperwork.

What Can a Judge Do If I Dodge a Process Server?

If reasonable attempts are made to serve you and you avoid answering the door or communicating with a Mesa court process server, the judge will allow one of a few options to take place next. First, the judge may state that papers can be left with any competent person over 18 who is residing at your home or working at your business. A second option is to allow the papers to be mailed to you through certified mail, which requires a signature to verify delivery. If either or both of these methods are still unsuccessful and you are still avoiding the process server, the judge may enable the person taking legal action against you to post notice in your local newspaper.

It is a complete myth that you cannot be sued or have other legal action taken against you if you avoid being served. Dodging a process server simply delays the inevitable legal action, drags out the process longer, and doesn’t look good to the judge either. It’s in your best interest to work with the Mesa court document delivery and accept the papers from the process server.

Hire An Experienced Team To Get Your Papers Served In Mesa, AZ

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