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The Many Consequences of Escaping a Process Server

Movies often portray process servers as sly professionals donning a costume so that they can catch their targets unawares. They show up as pizza deliverymen or couriers, asking for the person who needs to be served a subpoena. Instead of handing over the treats, they hand over the legal papers as soon as the person identifies themselves.

Sometimes, movies show the target figuring out what’s going on just before they’re served and then running away. They might slip out the backdoor, or they might don a disguise themselves so they can duck in and out of work or other places without being caught.

From all these popular images, you might think that it’s common for process servers through the Valley to have to chase down defendants – or if you’re a defendant yourself, that it’s a good idea to dodge the process server. After all, you might think, if they can’t give you the legal notification of the action being brought against you, then the case can’t proceed.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

You might be able to dodge a process server a few times – even stringing one along for weeks or more. But the jig will be up eventually.

Other Means of Service

Directly handing you the papers isn’t the only way a process server can serve you. If the server is having a hard time tracking you down, or reports that you have been intentionally evasive, the court may authorize optional means of service. You may get court document delivery through certified mail, in which there is tracking information to show that it has been delivered and a signature is required. Or the server may receive authorization to leave the documents with a person who lives at the same residence.

The court won’t just accept that you can’t be served. Other means of delivery will be pursued.

Official Notice

When other means of service have been exhausted, or when a person just can’t be found, the court may authorize putting official notice in a local newspaper or on a local website. This notice will advertise to the world that legal action is being taken against you and that the courts are trying to find you.

Having notice placed against you like this can be very embarrassing. It can be even more embarrassing if you are being sued for something like back child support or for wrongdoing. You should simply accept the court document delivery in person so that you don’t have to face this public scrutiny.

Moving Forward

Yes, you do need to be served for a court case against you to move forward. However, if the plaintiff can show that they have pursued every means of serving you and you either can’t be found or you have taken deliberate measures to avoid service, the case can move forward without service being completed.

If a case moves forward like this, it can hurt you. The plaintiff can argue that you tried to avoid service deliberately, which can result in a harsh judgement against you. If you aren’t served, you also may not know when to show up for court, and you won’t be able to speak up for your own interests. Even if no action is taken against you, that means that you can’t speak up for your rights, either. It’s always better to accept service and to fully participate in the legal process. If you are worried about the outcome, hire a lawyer to represent your interests.

Hiring a Process Server

Not everyone thinks reasonably when it comes to legal action. Many people will try to avoid you if they know you are bringing legal action against them. That’s why it’s always better to hire a professional process server around Arizona to do the job for you. The professionals have the skills and techniques to find people quickly, and to serve them quickly and according to proper legal protocol.

If you need service of process, contact ASAP Serve today. We are one of the top Mesa process serving companies, and we provide fast and accurate service for all types of legal matters. Whether you need a child custody process server, a subpoena process server, or simple court document filing, we can help you. Fill out the form on our website or contact one of our friendly representatives to get started!

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