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The Catastrophic Consequences of Evading a Process Server

Before a legal case can proceed, the defendant must be notified about the action being taken against them. That goes for divorces, lawsuits, child custody hearings, personal injury cases, and many other types of cases.
A lot of people know this, and if they are on the receiving end of a legal action, they may try to keep the case from moving forward by simply avoiding the Chandler process server. They may think that they can avoid the legal action by simply keeping the case from proceeding. But that’s not the case, and evading the process server can actually result in consequences, such as:
The Catastrophic Consequences of Evading a Process Server

Your Friends or Neighbors May Get Dragged In

If a server is not able to complete process of service because a defendant is being evasive, the plaintiff can ask the court for additional means of delivering the documents. That might involve delivering the documents to another person who lives in the home – such as a family member, friend, or roommate – or it could involve delivering them to a neighbor.
Think about that carefully: Do you really want your neighbors to know that your ex-wife is suing you for custody of your children? Or that your business partner is taking legal action against you? If you’re like most people, you want to keep your private business private. The best way to make sure that your case doesn’t become the talk of the neighborhood is to quietly accept the papers yourself.

Your Business May be Made Public – Like Really Public

If a defendant proves to be really elusive, the court may allow notice to be placed in a public outlet, such as a newspaper or other publication. That means that your name would be published in print, along with information about the legal matter. The details wouldn’t be published, but there would be enough there to say that you were involved in a case regarding paternity, for example, or a personal injury case.
If the idea of your neighbors finding out about your legal issues makes you uncomfortable, imagine how you would feel if your name and personal information was broadcast in print for all the world to see. Better to avoid that and just face the divorce process server serving in Mesa head on.

You Could Face Legal Consequences

Depending on what you are doing to avoid the Chalander process server, there could be legal consequences for your actions. Some people have been known to go to extremes to hide their identity or to escape detection – simply to delay a legal proceeding (because avoiding being served certainly won’t stop the case). If you use any illegal means to do so – such as presenting false identification, becoming physically violent with the server, and so on – you could face criminal consequences.
Depending on the circumstances, you may not face criminal consequences, but your actions could be viewed negatively by the court overseeing your case. That could negatively affect the outcome of your trial. For example, if you were reckless in your actions, that could be viewed negatively in a child custody hearing, which would assess your judgement and fitness.
Evading a process server is never going to help you avoid whatever legal matter you are trying to avoid. At best, it will only delay that process. In the meantime, you may end up causing more trouble for yourself, either by making your business more public or even by getting yourself into legal hot water. No matter what the case is, it’s always better for you to cooperate and accept the process of service. You can always fight the matter in court. Fighting the process server serving Chalander won’t get you anywhere.

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