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What is Legal Harassment In Arizona

In Arizona, harassment has a specific, legal definition. According to the Judicial Branch of Arizona Maricopa County website, one act can never constitute harassment. The act must be repeated in order to be considered legal harassment. There are other conditions as well. The acts directed against you must be similar. They must cause you serious alarm or annoyance without any good reason. The acts must be extreme enough to be able to cause the average person to undergo emotional distress. Finally, you must be put under substantial emotional distress as a result of the acts.

How to Obtain An Injunction Against Harassment in Arizona

If the actions being perpetrated against you meet the above criteria, you may want to seek out legal protection. An injunction against harassment will legally order your harasser to stop whatever annoying actions they have been direction toward you. The steps to take in order to get an injunction against harassment in Arizona are similar, but may vary slightly according to your location. The following example will assume that the injunction is being obtained in Tucson, AZ. According the the City of Tucson website, the first step is to inform the person harassing you that you are going to file an injunction against them, or at least be prepared to tell a judge why you cannot tell them. Then you must complete paperwork at a court building during regular hours, or contact the police department or sheriffs office after hours. You will go before a judge who will decide whether or not to grant the injunction.

Service of Process For An Injunction Against Harassment

If your injunction is granted, the defendant (your harasser) will need to be notified. You cannot do this yourself. A official representative, usually a process server, will need to serve the injunction notice. Once the injunction is served, it goes into effect for one year.

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