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Having a process server show up at your work or your house and handing you legal paperwork can be absolutely terrifying. You may have no idea what the papers are for, or you may know, but just seeing that official procedure taking place can make you feel intimidated. Whether you are surprised by being served or not, you need to keep your cool when you get those papers in your hand. Here are five things
Process servers are very important in the legal world, but they often don’t get a lot of attention. They are portrayed in sensational ways in the media, yet they are sometimes seen as clerical or administrative staff by those in the legal profession. The truth is that many legal proceedings would come to a stop if there were no process servers. Here’s a look at what process servers in Mesa do and why they are
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Process servers sometimes have a tough job. If someone knows that they are going to be served legal paperwork, they may try to avoid the process server to delay the action against them – maybe even indefinitely. Process servers have to use every tool at their disposal to not only know where to find that person, but also when. Technology has made it easier to find people who don’t want to be found. The internet
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You need to serve paperwork to the person you are suing or divorcing for your legal proceedings to continue. Without that official process of service, your case will remain at a standstill. Many people know this, and they will try to avoid process of service to stall the case or keep you from getting the results you want. When trying to track down the other party in your case, you may find yourself showing up
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You have many options for completing the service of process that’s required to start your legal action. You can complete the service yourself through methods such as registered mail in some cases, though it’s not recommended, or you can hire one of many professionals who offer the service. Instead of doing a quick Google search and hiring the first process server you find, you need to do some research. Your case is too important to