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Mesa, AZ – ASAP Serve, Arizona’s first choice for service of legal process announces teaming up with Skip Serve Investigations, a private investigation company specializing in finding people, especially those that don’t want to be found. While the companies will remain separate in corporate structure, this unique symbiotic relationship willKeep Reading
Learn more about the different types of Arizona garnishments
After a money judgement (a court decision requiring money to be given from one person or legal entity to another), the money must be paid. The person who is owed the money (called the judgment creditor) is responsible for collecting the money. If the person who is supposed to payKeep Reading
Learn more about Injunctions Against Workplace Harassment
One of the types of cases that a Phoenix Arizona process server may work with is an injunction against workplace harassment. (Not to be confused with an injunction against harassment). At ASAP Serve, we are experienced in dealing with these cases and would like to offer the following explanation forKeep Reading
What is Legal Harassment In Arizona In Arizona, harassment has a specific, legal definition. According to the Judicial Branch of Arizona Maricopa County website, one act can never constitute harassment. The act must be repeated in order to be considered legal harassment. There are other conditions as well. The actsKeep Reading
Restraining Orders in Arizona go by the title of orders of protection or injunctions. According the the Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County, you can only apply for an order of protection if “the defendant is: Your spouse or your former spouse. Your roommate or your former roommate. TheKeep Reading
There are many types of legal papers that a process server can deliver. In Arizona, a forcible detainer is one such type of paper. In more common terms, a forcible detainer is a part of the eviction process, and is sometimes called eviction. There are many steps involved in evictingKeep Reading
At ASAP Serve, we deliver a wide variety of legal papers. We thought it might be helpful if our clients, and anyone else reading this blog, knew more about the papers we serve. The following are just a few of the many types of papers that our process servers canKeep Reading
If you are new to process serving, there may be some terms that you are not familiar with. Some terms that sound familiar may have specific legal meanings. In order to better understand process serving, it is important to first understand some of the basic terminology. Our goal is toKeep Reading
Most people know that process servers deliver papers for court cases, but they may not realize all of the different types of legal documents that can be served. Arizona process servers, including those at ASAP Serve, can promptly and legally serve many types of legal documents. When a process serverKeep Reading
If you have a legal document that needs served in Arizona, you may be wondering if you have to hire a process server. In Arizona, the answer is most likely yes. There are alternatives to a process server. A sheriff could serve legal documents, but that may not always beKeep Reading
New technology can be a a big help to process servers, especially when trying to track down someone who is attempting to avoid a summons. See our article on Skiptracing for more information on some of the technology that we use. Social Media technology is providing Phoenix process servers, asKeep Reading
When a legal document needs to be served you can hire a process server or a sheriff. Which is the best choice for you? Here at the ASAP Serve Blog, we have addressed this question in a different context before in our post on who can be a process server.Keep Reading
Our affiliates at have begun an effort to help reduce the number of assaults on process servers. The campaign is titled Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers (PAAPRS). The official page offers a wealth of resources for process servers to protect themselves and help others. We willKeep Reading
A phrase that we seem to be hearing more and more today is to “buy local.” Usually it is in reference to food, especially farm products. The proponents of this idea claim that it will help the local economy, keep local farmers in business, and help cut down on pollutionKeep Reading
Process servers must be registered in order to legally serve process in Arizona (and most other places as well). Here at ASAP Serve, our process servers are registered professionals. I would like to give you an idea of what they went through to become registered so that you can beKeep Reading
Hiring a process server doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our affiliates at put together a checklist for hiring a process server. You can view the full article here. We here at ASAP Serve would like to make it easier for you to use this handy checklist toKeep Reading
What happens when a process server cannot find the person being served? That depends on who your process server is. Not every process server has the knowledge and skills necessary to find the party to be served. ASAP Serve uses skiptracing to track down those being served in a timelyKeep Reading
It is important to make sure that papers are served legally. If something is done incorrectly the entire case may be thrown out of court. Rule 4(d) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure states that no one connected with the case can legally act as a process server. ThatKeep Reading
The job of a process server is, at least on the surface, quite simple: to present to those involved in a legal preceding the documents that the court requires be delivered. Process serving is a fundamental part of the American legal system. By ensuring the delivery of summons, subpoenas, andKeep Reading
Understand, you can get 2 of 3 things, but never all three from your process server company. What things are most important to you? 1) Lowest price 2) Best service 3) Quality product If #1 was your answer, do you have a reasonable expection of getting #s 2 and 3?Keep Reading
FORT MYERS SHORES, Fla. – A process server found herself looking down the wrong end of a gun in Fort Myers Shores on Tuesday. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 61-year-old David Gould after he allegedly threatened the process server outside his home in the 13000 of Caribbean Blvd. The serverKeep Reading
Recently, ASAP Serve has contracted with a Mesa, AZ battered woman’s shelter to accept up to 4 serves monthly for indigent women whose lives have been threatened and need an Order of Protection against an abusive spouse. While recognizing we are only getting one side of a story, we striveKeep Reading
Anyone who has ever received a subpoena, summon, or any other legal documents is familiar with process servers. They are the people entrusted with the job of delivering the legal documents to different parties involved in the case. Throughout the state of Arizona, the parties involved in a legal procedureKeep Reading
You have surely come across many Chandler process servers in case you are considering hiring one of them. There is no denying the fact that there are many efficient process servers in the city. However, unfortunately, there are some process servers in this region who lack the necessary knowledge andKeep Reading
Are you looking for reputed AZ process servers for any of your personal or business requirements? There are plenty of experienced and highly qualified process servers throughout the state. However, it is always handy to have some basic information before you start your search. Let us first find out whatKeep Reading
You are most likely to require the service of quality Tempe process servers if you are involved in a legal case that requires delivery of important documents or summons. In spite of the presence of many process servers in Tempe, it is not very easy to choose the best optionKeep Reading
Process servers are commonly referred to as legal professionals who deliver different legal documents. However, highly proficient Phoenix process servers can offer you a much broader spectrum of service. Every individual may need to hire a process server at some point of time. Experienced process servers in Phoenix can efficientlyKeep Reading
Quite often, I am called to “fix” the mistakes of other process servers in Arizona. Most of these “fixes” are for the so-called discount Arizona process servers out there. I’m not going to name any names, but if the agency states “WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD”, what that really meansKeep Reading
I have been in the industry long enough to see and hear of some downright abysmal scruples concerning process servers. For the client, this can make for a difficult time in finding a process server who can get the job done correctly and justly the first time through. Some ofKeep Reading
I’m sure all of you out there have had a situation where things don’t quite go to plan, but in the process serving industry, you have the added bonus of working with people who generally are not all that pleased to see you. Recently, I had just one of theseKeep Reading