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A phrase that we seem to be hearing more and more today is to “buy local.” Usually it is in reference to food, especially farm products. The proponents of this idea claim that it will help the local economy, keep local farmers in business, and help cut down on pollution from shipping. Those are all good reasons, but when it comes to hiring local process servers there are some other reasons that you might find more even more compelling. We’ve compiled a list reasons, as well as a few links, with more information.

Reasons to Hire Local Process Servers:

  • Local Laws: The laws for what constitutes a legal service of process are different for each state, and there may possibly be some local regulations to consider as well. It would be a shame for the success of a well built case to be put in jeopardy because someone violated a local ordinance when serving documents.
  • Knowledge: Someone local will know the area and the people in the area. They will have connections and be better able to track down someone who is trying to avoid being served.
  • Speed: Do you usually get somewhere faster when you have to use your map or GPS in an unfamiliar location, or when you are driving somewhere in your own hometown, on the same roads that you’ve driven hundreds of times? A local process server will be able to serve faster because they won’t even have to worry about looking something up on a map, taking a wrong turn, or not realizing that a certain street is always backed up with traffic. They will know all the shortcut and detours.
  • Cost: If a process server has to travel there will be added costs. The process server that you hire may decide not to travel, but might just go ahead and outsource the job someone local, and probably charge you double.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to hire local, check out these articles from our affiliates at Serve Now:

If you need a process server in the Phoenix, Arizona area, please consider ASAP Serve Arizona Process Servers ( We are the “locals” in Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, and the Greater Phoenix Area as a whole.