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The Importance Of a Process Server Company While Filing a Lawsuit

Most people have an idea of how Mesa process serving companies work, but they may not realize the important role that process serving plays within the United States justice system. To learn why process servers bolster the justice system, we need to consider where the role came from.

When the United States of America declared its independence, fought a war for its freedom, and then officially became its own country in 1783, it was time for the Continental Congress to start making laws about how this new country would be governed. The founders wanted to start from scratch, do several things very differently than they had been done in England, and create laws that would govern people with justice. While it took awhile to get the new system established, eventually there was agreement and the United States Constitution was penned.

In order for the new justice system to work successfully, the founders developed something called due process of law. In order to ensure that all people would be treated with justice and not be taken advantage of, they established strict legal guidelines governing the process of filing lawsuits. Included in these laws was a method of informing people that they are being sued or are party to a lawsuit. This is the reason why Mesa process serving exists.

The Importance Of a Process Server Company While Filing a Lawsuit In Mesa, AZ

The Critical Role Of Process Serving In a Lawsuit

Whenever a lawsuit is filed, all the important legal documents related to the case, including the writ, summons, and other documents, must be formally given, or “served,” to the other party involved in the lawsuit. The person(s) or business are legally required to be formally notified of the action that is being taken against them.
The process server must deliver a packet containing all of the complaints, subpoenas, order to show causes, and other action relevant action documents for the lawsuit, and must follow strict procedures to ensure they have been delivered and understood by the recipient. This process enables both sides involved in the case to hire legal representation if needed and to have sufficient time to prepare their arguments for the court.

A Glendale legal process server is an important part of every lawsuit or legal dispute because it enables the court case to start with equity and justice. If the documents are not delivered in an organized and timely fashion, the party who is being sued will not know what actions are being brought against them, who is involved, what the dispute is about, when to respond by, and when they are being summoned to appear in court. When court documents are correctly served, neither party can claim ignorance as a reason for failing to appear in court.

Another element of delivering court documents in advance is that the party will have time to find legal representation who understands the laws that will apply to the jurisdiction in which case will be heard. This is vital because states, counties, and even cities can have different laws that will be applied in different ways. If the party being served believes the case should be disputed in a different court or jurisdiction, timely process serving gives them time to get that arranged.

How Does Process Serving Work?

When you or a lawyer hire a Cave Creek process server, the documents will be delivered to the defendant. To accomplish this, a process server will attempt to serve court documents to the person at their residence or another location. The recipient will need to sign and acknowledge that they have received the paperwork.

Often, this process is straightforward. Other times, process servers need to get creative while they try to serve someone who does not want to be served or who is unwilling to answer their door. However, they must follow strict guidelines and cannot perform any illegal actions or trespass on private property. A skilled process server will get documents delivered quickly and professionally, even in complicated situations.

Hire An Experienced Process Server In Mesa

There are strict rules involved with process serving and each state has its own guidelines. Serving a defendant can be complicated. If you need an experienced process server to deliver your court documents, ASAP Serve LLC is on your team! Our skilled process servers will get your documents served in a timely and professional manner. Our three step process will keep you up to date every step of the way. Contact us to get started with your document delivery!


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