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What happens when a process server cannot find the person being served? That depends on who your process server is. Not every process server has the knowledge and skills necessary to find the party to be served. ASAP Serve uses skiptracing to track down those being served in a timely and efficient manner.

Skiptracing is a way to locate people who have “skipped town” (hence the name). Sometimes people may be missing inadvertently or may deliberately be hiding. Process servers engaging in skiptracing will use a variety of methods—like high tech computer software— to find a missing person. There are even web sites available, which can aid in skiptracing, like and Moreover, even social networking sites can be useful for skiptracing.

It takes ASAP Serve up to 3 weeks to properly skiptrace or locate an individual to serve papers to. Other companies simply do 1 database pull, while ASAP Serve pulls data from multiple sources as well as sends an inquiry to the department of motor vehicles to see where cars might be registered to if possible address(ess) are found. ASAP Serve will send a form to the Post Office to see if the subject does receive mail there, then there is the art of looking at social media to try to determine where the subject is residing, or at least more clues in this intricate puzzle.

If you have any questions about skiptracing, and how we can use it to help you here at ASAP Serve, please leave a comment, check out our main site, or contact us via phone ((480) 821-1552)/email ([email protected]). We hope to hear from you soon!