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Process of service is an important part of the legal process, so it is imperative that process servers find those involved in legal proceedings and give them the legal notice they need. Process servers around Mesa can deliver these papers just about anywhere, though they do have to follow rules for how they behave. They can’t harass people, and they can’t use illegal means to find someone or to physically meet them (such as jumping over the fence on a private property).

One question that a lot of people have about process of service is whether it can be performed at work. After all, most people would consider it highly embarrassing to be served papers for a divorce, custody hearing, or other legal matter in front of their boss or co-workers. They want to keep their private business private, and that means that most would prefer not being served at work.
Unfortunately, they may not have a choice.

Process Server

Process of Service at Work

Process servers are legally allowed to serve people their legal paperwork at their place of business. However, that doesn’t mean that a process server is going to kick the door open, stand at the entrance, and announce your name and the reason for the visit with a megaphone. A professional process server in Mesa is going to behave respectfully and will use all discretion.

Typically, if a server has to visit your workplace, they will check in with the front desk for a “delivery” and will then hand you the papers quietly. The server will likely tell you in private – or using a low voice – what the papers are for and to give you any other pertinent information.

A process server is not interested in embarrassing you at work. Usually, your work is just the only place that a server is able to find you. Attempts will usually made to find you at home first, but most people spend the majority of their day at an office or other workplace. In some cases, your work address may be the only contact information available for you. The process server is just trying to find you and give you the appropriate paperwork.

Other Options

If the process server cannot find you at work, they might leave a business card asking for you to get in touch. However, if you don’t get in touch, the process server has other means to find you, and those can be much more embarrassing than being delivered some papers at work.

When a defendant or other legal party of interest cannot be found, servers are able to post an announcement online or in a local newspaper with the person’s name. At that point, the whole world will know that the person is wanted in a legal matter. If you think it’s embarrassing to have your co-workers find out about your divorce or legal dispute, imagine how you would feel if your neighbors and everyone you know found out about it. Best to make yourself easily accessible so you can get the legal papers with a minimum of fuss.

Hiring a Process Server

Hiring a process server around Mesa is a crucial part of the legal process. Hiring a professional process serving company ensures that you find the legal parties you need in the shortest time possible and with a minimum of fuss. That means that the server will behave professionally and legally, all while finding the person quickly. You’ll save a lot of money, and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. You’ll also ensure that your case is not delayed or otherwise jeopardized.

ASAP Serve offers fast and professional process of service in Chandler and the surrounding areas. We handle all types of cases, so we have a child custody process server, child support process server, divorce process server, adoption process server prison process server, personal injury process server, subpoena process server, and more. We offer court document delivery and court filing service, as well as court research service. We make it easier for your legal team to take care of the technical details so that your case can move forward smoothly and quickly. Call us today or fill out our online request form to get your process of service started!

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