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How Does The Document Delivery Service Work Within A Tight Deadline?

Remember being a child on a road trip? Like all other children, at some point or another we all asked, “Are we there yet?” over and over again out of boredom and anticipation. Everyone wants to get to their end destination without having to wait on the journey. When it comes to serving papers, it’s pretty similar. We want the job done immediately, but sometimes the process is slow or takes longer than we were hoping it would. Mesa court process serving company explains how process serving works, how long you should expect the process to take in most situations, and why some situations may take more time than others.

Serving Papers on a Strict Timeline: How Long Does It Take?

How Does Process Serving Work?

Service of process is the way that court documents are delivered to an individual or person who is being named in a lawsuit. Process serving places the person on notice that legal action has begun or that relevant documents have been filed and gives them the opportunity to hire their own legal representation. Additionally, process serving may include documents indicating when and where the person must appear in court. Legal documents must be delivered properly, following specific guidelines, or the process may be void and the legal action delayed. That’s why it’s important to hire a qualified and experienced Mesa family law process server.

Complications with Process Serving

In many situations, our client’s target person is relatively easy to track down and confront. They accept the paperwork without much fuss and everyone goes on their way. Unfortunately, Mesa process servers don’t anticipate this ideal situation happening most of the time. It can take quite a bit of time to locate the person who will be receiving the paperwork and even more time to legally present the documentation. This can be even more challenging when a person knows they are about to be served and goes out of their way to avoid the process server. In other cases, a person may have changed their name or otherwise requires extensive research before they can be located.

How Can Court Document Delivery Be Done Faster?

Thanks to recent technological advances in the field and a team of committed process servers who are highly trained, Mesa process server near me has streamlined the process so that clients can be easily kept up to date with exactly where their papers are. This helps process servers provide a more accurate timetable or estimation of when their court documents will be delivered.

How Long Will It Take to Serve My Papers?

It’s important to remember that process serving can be unpredictable. There can be challenges and complications, such as people who attempt to dodge a process server or who have relocated. Some people may refuse to answer their door or avoid going out in public if they know a Mesa child support process server is trying to contact them. This can extend the amount of time it takes to get documents delivered.

However, most process serving companies can estimate how long their turnaround time is and how long they anticipate the job to take. This will vary depending on the person and how difficult the client expects it to be to confront the person receiving the legal documents. Additionally, different process servers have different strategies and levels of experience, resulting in differing levels of service and speed. However, that said, the average amount of time it normally takes to serve papers is somewhere between five and seven days after hiring the process server.
When the situation is more time sensitive, many process serving companies offer a rush delivery service, which may even include a same day service option, where Mesa court document delivery will be immediately attempted. Since this requires extra time, dedicated resources, and advanced process serving skills, it is usually a more expensive option. However, it can also be quite effective.

Partner with a Professional Process Server in Mesa

Don’t wait to get your papers served. To get your court proceedings moving more quickly, hire a professional service to get your papers served quickly, effectively, and legally. When you hire ASAP Serve to deliver your court documents across the Valley, you can rest assured that your paperwork will be handled professionally and as quickly as possible. Our streamlined three step process keeps you informed every step of the way. Visit our website or call us today to get started with your process serve!


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