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Why Hiring a Process Server To Help You Deliver Legal Paperwork Is The Best Decision

If you find yourself needing or wanting to bring legal action against someone, such as to initiate a divorce, adjust child support or child custody, address a personal injury, or a large number of other legal cases and situations, you’ll first need to make sure that the person you are trying to sue is aware that there are legal charges being brought against them. In fact, it is required by law that you properly notify the person before the court process can begin. This notification process is usually completed by a process server. A Mesa process serving company will bring the paperwork on your behalf to the person you are trying to sue, and follow a procedure to verify for the court that the paperwork was properly delivered to and received by the defendant.

Unfortunately, court document delivery is not always an easy task. Sometimes people know or suspect they are going to be sued, so they try to evade a Mesa court process server in hopes that they can’t be sued if they cannot be properly served. They may avoid unknown people who try to approach them in case that person is trying to serve them court documents. However, at some point the legal process will continue even if the person is evading a process server and cannot reasonably be reached, although the easiest way for everyone involved is to have the papers properly served by a Mesa legal process server. When a defendant is extremely evasive and difficult to contact, hiring a Buckeye process server who will utilize a variety of effective strategies is the best way for legal action to be taken swiftly.

Why Hiring a Process Server To Help You Deliver Legal Paperwork Is The Best Decision In Mesa, AZ

Stakeouts: Know Where To Serve The Court Documents

If a person cannot be easily served, a child custody process server attempting Mesa court document delivery will conduct a stakeout near the person’s residence or place of employment. This enables them to become familiar with the person’s daily routine. Using this information from a stakeout can help a process server determine the best way to approach the individual and gives them additional opportunities to make contact the person who is being served. Occasionally, a Gilbert process server may be reported to the police or sheriff’s department for trespassing, so they must make sure to follow all laws during a stakeout. Sometimes, the information gained during a stakeout helps the process server determine the best public place to attempt to serve someone, rather than trying to meet them at their front door or in their yard.

Pretexting For Serving Papers

Beyond the commonly used stakeout approach, Phoenix divorce process servers may post as a delivery people and act as though they are trying to make a pizza or flower delivery so that the person being served will answer the door and be taken off guard. This strategy has the disadvantage of immediately losing any rapport they may have been able to gain with the individual, and is sometimes frowned upon by Mesa process serving companies as a technically legal but somewhat dishonest and less than ethical way to serve papers. However, it may be useful if other strategies have not worked or if a person is being particularly evasive or dishonest about their identity.

Other Strategies Of a Process Server

A skilled and experienced family law process server has a number of other tools in the toolbox that can be used for people who are especially evasive. For example, multiple visits may be helpful. A process serve may leave a “sorry we missed you” type of note explaining that they will visit again and then will attempt to make contact at the person’s place of employment if there is no response. To save face and avoid embarrassment at work, a person is likely to respond to this method and answer the door for the Mesa personal injury process server the next time they stop by.

There are other methods and tools that are commonly used as well, but explicitly stating them can make them less effective. Generally, surveillance measures such as stakeouts, delivery attempts, and multiple visits are commonly utilized strategies taken by an Avondale process server near me to locate and serve the person as soon as possible so that the legal process can begin.

Hire a Professional Process Serving Company In Mesa

Process serving an evasive individual is not an easy job, but hiring the right process serving company can make all the difference. If you need papers served, contact ASAP Serve, LLC. Our three step process keeps things simple for you. You can rest assured that we will keep you updated on the status of your serve. As one of the top legal process servers in Arizona, we are dedicated to serving your documents professionally, legally, and efficiently. Contact us to talk with one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives and get your serve started today!


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